Our Expertise

Our Expertise In Electrical Sectors & Human Resource Consulting Service.


We provide a complete bouquet of engineering services including Planning, Designing     Engineering, Erection, Testing, and Commissioning of following:

Electrical Services-H.T Side

  • High Tension Line Work up to 11 kV.
  • Overhead/Underground Independent feeder line.
  • Power Transformer/V.C.B/H.T Panel/Metering Panels.
  • H.T Cable Joints.
  • Chemical/Plate Earthing.

Electrical Services - L.T Side

Sub-Station Works.

  •       Distribution Panels
  •       MCC PCC Panels
  •       HVAC Panels
  •       Firefighting Panels
  •       Lighting Panels.

  •      Bus Bar Trunking System
  •     Street lighting & Township electrification,
  •      HV/LV cable laying.
  •      Transformer Works.
  •      Survey & Designing.
  • Annual Maintenance of both

i) Industrial installation

         ii) Townships / Neighborhoods.

           We are also involved in most of their capex schemes for as Following:-

  • Improvement of power supply.
  • Reduction in T & C losses.
  • Energizing new colonies.

(d)Activities of LT Undergrounding Project

  • Installation/Replacement of energy meter.
  • Manpower supply for  Maintenance And other work
  • RMU Installation indoor & out door.
  • Support Facility to Recovery of arrears from Consumers.



We also provide a complete solution of Outsourcing services including HR Service, Pay Roll Service, recruitments, Project Management, Employee Development, Employ Benefits and HR Software of following:


(a)  IT

(b)  Financial

(c)  BPO

(d)  SEO

(e)  KPO

(f)   Engineering Service

(g)  House Keeping

(h)  Security Service.


       We are continued to enjoy strong and on-going beneficial relationship with number of respected National Companies including substantial repeated business throughout the years.


        For the last 11 years (Since 2005), we are satisfactorily providing our services to M/s. BSES Limited (Discom for Delhi), last 5 year (since2010) to M/s. Torrent power Limited in Agra(U.P)  &  last 2 year(since2014) to M/s North Delhi Power Limited (NDPL) in Delhi.
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